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Keywords Marketer


What is PPC?

One of the most cost effective ways of doing online advertising is using PPC platforms. In other words, those platforms which allow us to show our adds and only pay if the user clicks on it. Therefore PPC stands for pay per click. 

Some of the most famous PPC platforms are Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, PAN... All of them allow us to reach our target audience by offering us different segmentation options. This is why it is so cost effective as our add  is only exposed to our target audience and we would only pay if someone shows interest and clicks on it. Therefore if our add receives clicks it is because the add is really relevant for the user as he or she is interested in our service or product. 

Depending on the PPC platform we use, we will have more or less options of segmentation. For example in Google Adwords we have many options and in PAN there are very few. Although what is really important is that we do not have to pay for views, so we can do a strong and effective branding campaign in PPC platforms which can also be much more cheaper. Another advantage is that we decide how much we want to spend and we select how much we are willing to pay per click. Depending on the number of advertisers in our market we could pay more or less per click. Also the type of PPC platform we are using can affect the CPC (cost per click). 

Another important aspect of PPC is that you can use the display and the search areas of the online community. In conclusion, PPC is just a method of online advertising which allows us to reach our target and where we only pay per click. 

I hope that now you can understand much better the PPC concept and you can select which online advertising method is best for you.