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Adjusting Bids In Adwords Depending On the Day

Google Adwords is one of the platforms that allows us to do PPC online advertising. In other words, pay per click and not for impressions. It is the most powerful advertising tool in the online world. After handling Google Adwords accounts for a while, we have noticed that there are some days in which our campaigns are more effective and there are particular time frames during the day, where we would like to place higher bids in order for our add to show up in better positions. 

 In these cases, we do not need to be in front of the tool to raise or minor the bets or even pause or start new bids. There is a option inside the campaigns field that allows us to set timing to our adds. In this option we can decide which days of the week we want our add to appear and what time frames on that days it should show up. If we realize that our conversions are better from Monday to Friday and we are willing to pay a higher CPC (cost per click) we can adjust the bid so it increases a certain % of the established CPC. Therefore if we decide to raise 10% of our bid of 0.10€, it will be 0.11€ during the weekdays. 

 As you can appreciate, Adwords allows us to automatize various actions so we do not need to be 24 hours in front of the tool to modify bids or to pause our adds. It is a great option to use in order to optimize our Adwords campaigns.

Following, is a simple example with limited budget:

Suppose we have a campaign to sell shirts with a 10€ budget every day. If we do not use the option to set up timings for our adds or adjusting our bids, our add will be impacting users 24 hours a day. Therefore we would be having impressions at certain times of the day where our target customers are not willing to make a purchase as they are only connected to the Internet as pass time or consulting their issues. If during this time of the day we see that we have had many impressions but 0 clicks, out CTR would be low, which means that our Quality Score will be affected negatively and we will have to pay a higher CPC. Also if we keep on accumulating clicks at timings where conversion rate is low, we will be spending our limited budget in unwanted clicks. This would mean that during the time frames where our conversion rates are better, our add is not showing up as much because our budget is over. In other words, we will be loosing potential customers and sales. In addition, if we set our adds to be shown in the hours we have seen there are better conversion rates and adjusting our bids, our entire budget will go towards this time frame. Therefore our CTR will be better, we would pay less per click and off course as we have more conversions it would be better for our ROI in Adwords.

Furthermore, if we realize more shirts are sold during the weekend, we can raise our bid for these days. This will allow our add to come up in a better position and increase our chances to have better sales. This option of adjusting bids can also allow us to raise our bids for some days where there is a lot of competition and lower the bid when we know competition is less.

This option of adjusting bids and programing our ads, is just one of the infinite options Adwords allows us to use in order to reach our potential customers at the ideal moment. Other options that are closely related to adjusting bids is the one of adjusting bid depending on the location of the user. You might want to raise your bid for your add if it shows up near your business and decrease it if the user that is seeing your add is very far. You can also combine both options, in other words combine adjustment of bids during specific hours with locations. Although this type of segmentation is something we can talk about in more depth in the future.

Sorry for the picture below, as it is in Spanish. This is because our Adwords account is in Spanish. Hope this is fine and you have learned a little bit more about Google Adwords

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