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Content Marketing

Each day we see there are more and more blogs created by businesses. This is because everyone is starting to apply a content marketing strategy. This is a strategy inside the digital marketing. Many marketers consider it the king of strategies for online marketing. For some people it might be difficult to understand why we need this strategy. 

Content marketing, has become even more important after Google changed their algorithm to the new hummingbird. As always, the main objective of Google is to satisfy their users. They do not want their users to find firms or information thanks to web administrators that have obtained great positions thanks to SEO techniques. What they are really looking for is to offer their users information, which is really relevant for them. Therefore the best way to be well positioned is by starting a blog. In other words, a content marketing strategy. 

Blogs are friendly tools for Google, as they love content. We can have content in video, writing, images.... With this I do not want to say that SEO techniques are not important, although each time Google is awarding better positions to relevant, original and quality content. 

Now we will see a simple example so that you can realize and understand the potential of content marketing. Let's suppose we have a digital camera firm. We have just received the last model in the market and therefore we will make a small video showing all the features of this new model. Then, we can put it online in YouTube or in our blog and in the description field we will put the name of the new camera and some information about it. Consequently, when someone on Google or Youtube, wants to know something about this new camera, your blog or YouTube video will appear on their search. Therefore, the user already knows we exist and our chances of doing business will go up.

When you are deciding to implement a content marketing  strategy you must plan it well and be sure you distribute it and execute it in the correct way and in the appropriate media. As we will need to create new, original and relevant content we will need time and imagination. Finally, we can't forget about measuring the results of our content marketing strategy. 

I hope that with this small introduction about content marketing and this small example, you can understand better the potential of this strategy and you also have a better comprehension on why creating blogs and adding content into them has become so popular lately. 


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