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Location Extensions

Google Adwords offers a wide range of extra options for our adds. These are called the ad extensions. One of the extensions that work very well for attracting local traffic is the location extension. This extension will show below our ad, our address, telephone number or a map with our location. This facilitates users to find us and come to our local shops or businesses. 

Let's see a very simple example. Today we have a great Champions League game and we want to go to a pub to watch it, although we do not know the city we are in very well. The most common thing we would do is use our smartphone to search in Google for pubs in London or the city in which we are. Google will show the adds which are most relevant to our search, having in mind that the user is using a smartphone and his intention is well different than when he or she is finding the exact same thing from a laptop or desktop computer at home. Therefore, Google will show the adds that have location extensions and which are closest to the user. This way the user will know which pubs are near by and the pub that is using Google Adwords with the option of location extension, will probably gain a new customer. 

You can also use Google Places so that your business comes up in Google Maps. Many users while planning their trips, use Google Maps and see what is near the location they will be staying. The best thing is that this service is totaly free. Therefore if you have a local business and you are still not registered in Google Places, don't waste more time and get the first move of being online done right now. 

In conclusion, I am looking for pubs to see the Champions League match tonight and I have just made this search in Google and I have found an advertiser using location extensions and I know where his pub is exactly. Therefore I am heading towards it now. Let the game start and may the best win. 


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