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Online Advertising for limited budgets

One of the most cost-effective ways of doing online advertising is using Google Adwords. This is because they use the format of PPC. In other words, we only pay for the online ad to be shown when it has received a click. 

You can start up a online campaign with any budget as Google Adwords does not say you have to invest a minimum amount of money. This tool will also allow us to distribute our budget for a number of days by setting up a daily budget. For example, if we want to invest 100€ in 10 days, we can set up a daily budget of 10€. 

The rules of advertising have changed, before only the big firms could place adds and reach a large amount of customers. Now thanks to online advertising, all of us can have visible and relevant adds, that are being showed to our target audience thanks to Google

Whatever your budget is, start using Google Adwords now and boost up your traffic. 


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