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Keywords Marketer



In the online advertising world there are two major ways of payment. These are CPC and CPT. CPC is the cost per click. Therefore you do not have to pay for impacts, you only pay if the ad receives a click. Thanks to this method, impressions will be totaly free. On the other hand CPT is the cost per thousand impressions. In other words, you do not pay per click, you only pay per impressions. This method is more used for branding campaigns, although I invite you to think about the following:

If with CPC, we can have free impacts and just pay per click and with CPT, I have to pay for these impressions that are free in the CPC payment method. Isn't it better to your CPC?

In Google Adwords we can use both methods only in the Display network. The Search network, only allows CPC method. It is true there are other ways of payment in Adwords such as CPA or CPC, although these types of methods are generally used by professional Google Adwords account managers, as they engage to achieve certain objectives set by their clients. 

Therefore, for a branding campaign, would you use CPC or CPT?