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Web Usability

Web usability, is a very important concept to have in mind while designing a web page. The web designer may or not have this aspect in mind, but the online marketer must have it. Therefore, when you are designing a web page, it is essential to consult an online marketer who will give some considerations to have in mind so the web site is designed having in mind the web usability concept. 

Web usability, allows us to enhance the experience of the visitor to our web page, the better it is the better the probabilities of making these visits into customers. As you can see this concept is very important, so do not forget while improving or designing your web page to ask a digital marketer about web usability. The marketer won't only allow the visitors to have a better experience, but it will also allow the web page to have a better position (SEO).

You can find now a few tips about web usability:

1: The main objective of the web usability is to enhance visitors experience. Therefore, the web page must clearly show what the user must do once inside our web site. In other words, allow the visitor to find what he or she is looking for in the easiest and simple way, without any type of stress. 

For example, we have an online clothing store. The user enters our web page and wants to search for t-shirts. Now, if our business has t-shirts for sale, but the button that leads to this section is hidden or without a good visibility, we can say the web page has a poor web usability. In other words, the user once in our home page has to click on the button "shirts and t-shirts" and once in this web page, he or she has to click on another button that says, "t-shirts". On the other hand, if in our home page itself, we have a button that clearly states "t-shirts" the user finds what he is looking for in just one click and we can say there is a good web usability

2: Observe how our visitors interact with our web page by using analytic tools. This way we can identify certain patterns and design our web page accordingly to enhance the web usability

3: Effectiveness: Have in mind the number of errors a user can have inside our web page. We have to try to make sure there are the minimum amount of errors a user can make in our web page. 

4: Efficiency: We have to have in mind the amount of time a user will take to complete a task. The lower the time the better. 

5: High user satisfaction while completing tasks will allow to have a high quality web usability. 

In conclusion, web usability, is a concept we have to have in mind to improve the experience of our visitors. The clearer the steps to follow by the visitor the better. We have to make sure messages and buttons are clearly seen by the visitor and they have the correct information available at every moment. In other words, we must give everything chewed to the user, the easier it is the better for them and for our business. 

Do you have any other suggestions on how to improve web usability?