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A lot is being said and heard in the social media about earning money through your blog. We can actually find millions of courses and examples of people that are living thanks to their blog. You just have to search a bit through the net. Earning money from a blog is difficult, but it is possible and one of the strategies you can use to do this is applying affiliate marketing. There are many people who are really making money thanks to affiliate marketing. The main point for this strategy to work is having a blog with lots of traffic. For this we must produce relevant and original content. 

Furthermore, let's see what is affiliate marketing exactly and how it can help us earn money in the online world using our blog, which I insist that the main point is that it needs high quality traffic. This strategy, is very simple as the only thing you need to do is place links of other businesses in your blog. If your visitors buys the product or service of the third party, you will earn a commission. The commission, can be any type of percentage it will all depend on the third party. Although as there are so many companies or people offering links of their businesses to others, you can choose from plenty and decide which one has a quality product or service and pays you well. This third parties are the ones that are at the other end of the affiliate marketing strategy. 

Therefore, we have two ways to earn money using the affiliate marketing strategy. The first one is to have a product or service and decide to put a affiliate system in place so others can share your product or service and then give them a certain percentage of the sales they generate. The second one and the most interesting for bloggers. To become a affiliate and share links in order to make money from their blogs. 

In addition, we should mention that there are ways and ways to conduct an affiliate marketing strategy. Many bloggers think that generating lots of content for their blog and placing many links and having a good position in search engines such as Google, they will generate many sales. Others think that using banners in their blog is enough and it will allow them to earn money. Although generally many fail and don't achieve their objectives. 

Consequently, here you have some tips to start earning money thanks to your blog and the implementation of an affiliate marketing strategy.

1: Concentrate in one single market. For example, if you have a blog about finance, offer your readers products or services of others that are related to finance. Don't start to promote products and services which simply do not match the profile of your readers. In other words, offer your target public what they are looking for. Therefore, you should have in mind that having a blog about different topics such as finance, sports and music, is not effective. It is better to have three different blogs, this will allow us to have a better segmentation which will lead to better results. The more focused you are in a market the better. 

2: Transmit credibility. Tell your readers that you have tried the product or service and what did it give you or how did it fulfill your needs. You won't be able to do this if you have not really tried the product or service. Therefore before promoting a third party, try it and if it is good enough for you then it will be good for your readers but don't offer them something which is not good for you because you will be treating your readers as stupid. This will lead to less credibility and your readers will stop buying products you promote and by the end of the day you won't be able to generate business through your blog. 

3: Stop using banner and use links. Although do not use any links, Use those that you can place inside a post. In other words if you are writing about affiliate marketing and you are an affiliate to a course about affiliate marketing, place a link in a natural way so that it comes in the middle of the post. For example after writing about what is affiliate marketing, you can mention that you learned a lot and you are earning a potential amount of money thanks to the course you did in ________(here you will place your link). Have in mind that placing many links inside your post can confuse your reader or make him feel he is just being offered products or services and he or she will stop reading your blog. Remeber to transmit value, don't try to sell through your posts, sales will automatically come thanks to the value you are giving to your readers. 

4: Be patient. Be constant with your affiliate marketing strategy. Don't try to sell from the first moment, continue transmiting credibility to your readers and be calm results will eventually come. Offer free valuable and premium content to your reader asking them to just give you their email. This way you can send them emails informing about new posts and continue generating credibility. Remeber, to also place some links in your emails. 

As you can see affiliate marketing, is one of the ways to generate business thanks to your blog, but there are other ways such as offering your own services or products and why not, placing yourself a affiliation system in order for others to promote your product or service. Affiliate marketing is a strategy classified under the win-win-win. I will explain you what I mean. First of all, the one that starts an affiliation system will win because all the marketing is done by others and he or she will only have to pay for their service if they generate sales. It is a win situation for the blogger as you are writing about something you like and earning money. Finally, it is good also for the final user because he or she has been transmitted a sense of credibility and is purchasing the product or service that will really satisfy his or her needs. 

I hope that now you know a bit more about affiliate marketing and I really wish you can implement this strategy soon and earn money, but always remember the main clue is to generate lots of traffic otherwise it wont work. 


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