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Using Online Conferences as a Digital Marketing tool

Digital Marketing consists of a number of strategies that when put together will enhance the performance and reputation of a business. This will allow the company to be better known and therefore have a positive impact on their sales. Some of the most used and known strategies of Digital Marketing are SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing ... Although, today we want to discuss about a new and different strategy that we think is one of the best to get leads or contacts. This consists of online conferences

In order to do a online conference, we just need a microphone and computer. We can use different software tools such as Go To Meeting, Hangouts, GVO Conference, Webex ... Obvioulsy before starting this strategy we need to prepare the conference and start an online advertising campaign being it Social Media PPC platforms or SEM strategies such as Google Adwords. We need to advertise our conference to get the leads we need. In other words, the main objective of doing an online conference is to reach our target audience and have their contacts. After this by applying different digital marketing strategies we can sell our product or service. 

Furthermore, the best way to prepare our online conference is by creating content in our blog. Therefore, we are starting with an content marketing strategy. Secondly, we would start a SEM or PPC campaign to attract quality contacts and finally we will carry out the online conference

The  best way to understand this is by illustrating this process with an example. Let's say we sell marketing courses and we decide to create an online conference to promote our products. For this, we will offer and online conference, which includes exclusive content and creates a need of acquiring one of our courses to our audience. We can advertise the online conference as an online mini-marketing course, which is totally free. This will allow us to attract those people who are really interested in studying marketing and are wanting to do a course. Once we have everything clear, we will announce it in our web page and blog. As we won't have enough traffic and we need to make the online conference as quick as possible to start selling our courses, we put in place a PPC strategy. This strategy will allow us to have several leads as we will offer our visitors a free invitation to our online conference if they give us an email. Now we will have to conduct a high quality webinair and after that start other digital marketing strategies such as email marketing in order to sell our marketing courses to all of the assistants of our online conference

Now that you know how an online conference can help your business, are you ready to start?

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