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Can my sales go up thanks to a blog?

Having a blog or a content marketing strategy, will surely raise the probabilities of sales. This is because each time more and more search engines give better positions to pages with original, relevant and innovative content. The best place to put all of this content is in a blog, as these are the "best friends" of search engines. A blog makes the labour of searching much more easier for the engines and this allows us to have a better position. The rule is simple, the more quality content you have the more possibilities of appearing in searches of our potential customers. This will raise the amount of sales. 

On the other hand, if we do not have a blog and we only focus in our products, most probably when our prospects are searching, how to satisfy one of their needs that one of our products can satisfy, they will never find us. Therefore, if we do produce valuable content with the correct information, the prospect will know what product he or she needs and that we can sell it to them. 

Following is a very simple example: Sony is already using a content marketing strategy and therefore they are very well positioned in search engines. Therefore, I use Google and put my need about how to repair PlayStation 4. This is what happens:

how to repair playstation4

As you can see in the image, Sony has position number one for this problem. So they have great chances of me clicking on their link. Once I click on their link I see that they exchange the play station 4 and give me some solutions. This is great as for something which I bought for so much money, I can get easy information from the brand. This gives me a sense that Sony is worried about their customers and I will surely trust them again even though my play station 4 broke down. 

Therefore, as you can see, having a blog does affect our sales, but you always have to have in mind that you have to produce relevant and original content which will satisfy the needs of our customers as it is the only way a content marketing strategy can be successful. What is more, thanks to our experience we know that producing a lot of content is not  a good practice and results are worse than when we produce one good piece of content for our blog. This is because ten bad articles will have a poor position, while just one properly done will have a good position which will allow us to solve problems and make sales. 

What is your opinion on having a blog to raise sales?


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