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Why should we invest in Digital Marketing?

SMEs who have been using traditional marketing strategies usually take time to adapt to digital marketing strategies.

To many SMEs we have been talking to about the advantages of digital marketing usually mention us about their small budget, they can only invest small amounts and do not want to give any more to new marketing strategies. So we mention them that they can start will small amounts of investment in digital marketing.

Some of the advantages we mention to the SMEs are:

1.       Segment in a very specific manner: in traditional marketing (TM) you can reach your target in different ways but they are usually costly and complicated to handle. Meanwhile, in digital marketing (DM) there are different tools we can use so we can impact just our specific target.

2.       Measure are return of investment (ROI): usually, in TM, there is a fixed investment made and we really do not know if the client buys our product/service while seeing the advertisement. In DM, the ROI can always be measured. We can measure if the advertisement has been as effective as we wanted and if the client has bought the product/service because of our advert. This can help us to know if the advert has had profitable for the company.

3.       We can edit the advert in a fast and effective manner: in TM, once you have sent the advert to be printed, the advert cannot be changed. Once you receive the printed version and you find a small mistake, you cannot change it, so you would have to re-print everything again. Instead, in DM, if you spot a small mistake, you can enter your tools and change the mistake spotted, having it changed instantly. This is a big advantage as you can also change the pricing of your products in a fast and more comfortable way.

4.       Choose when to impact: with this we mean that the advert will be shown when you feel it is better for your company (time periods). If you know your product/service is sold better in a specific time and day, why not be only at that time?

Also, the adverts can be programmed so they can start to impact in a future without having to be pending if the advert will start to impact people or not.


Hope that this information makes you understand better the benefits of digital marketing and helps you out.


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