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Start by Planning

Like in every project we begin, we should first plan the project. If we do not, probably, the project will not be successful.

This is the same in Digital Marketing, we always start by planning. That is why, this week, we have decided to give you some tools so that you can start to plan your project.

Inside the planning section, we can divide it in 3 subsections:

1.       Situation Analysis.

2.       Set Objectives.

3.       Create Strategies.

In this post we are going to concentrate on the first point (Situation Analysis) and in the next posts we will have a look on the other sub-sections (Set Objectives & Create Strategies).

While doing the Situation Analysis, we should try to get to know our audience and the online market (for the sector we are analyzing). So we look for internal and external factors which could affect the company.

Some of the tools we use are:

a.       SWOT Analysis: It summarizes our internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and strengths. It helps us to summarize the company's effectiveness.

a.       Weakness: are the internal barriers the company has for a good flow in the organization.

b.      Threats: negative situations from the exterior, does not depend on the company, external stimuli.

c.       Strengths: advantage the company has over competitors.

d.      Opportunities: can suppose an advantage for the company but it depends upon external factors.


b.      Market Analysis: We concentrate on analyzing:

                               4 micro-economic factors:

a.       Potential of the online audience.

b.      Clients.

c.       Competitors.

d.      Online Intermediaries.

6 macro-economic factors:

a.       Political.

b.      Economical.

c.       Sociological.

d.      Technological.

e.      Legal.

f.        Environmental.

c.       TOWS Matrix: it helps to create and define strategies once the SWOT analysis is done. Combining each strength and weakness with its opportunities and threats we can create "mini" strategies.

d.      Create "Personas": summarize the characteristics, needs, motivations and environment of our targeted clients. We can create different types of "personas" depending on how we want to use them and the budget we have.

a.       Ad-hoc Personas: we create them from what the company already know, no further research is done.

b.      Web Design / consumer experience Personas: they are created to improve the results and experience of the online user.

c.       Marketing personas: summarize the clients segment with his characteristics, behavior and brand perception.


With this information we hope to have helped you to develop the beginning of your plan. Remember to plan before implementing.

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