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In the online advertising world there are two major ways of payment. These are CPC and CPT. CPC is the cost per click. Therefore you do not have to pay for impacts, you only pay if the ad receives a click. Thanks to this method, impressions will be totaly free. On the other hand CPT is the cost per thousand impressions. In other words, you do not pay per click, you only pay per impressions. This method is more used for branding campaigns, although I invite you to think about the following:

If with CPC, we can have free impacts and just pay per click and with CPT, I have to pay for these impressions that are free in the CPC payment method. Isn't it better to your CPC?

In Google Adwords we can use both methods only in the Display network. The Search network, only allows CPC method. It is true there are other ways of payment in Adwords such as CPA or CPC, although these types of methods are generally used by professional Google Adwords account managers, as they engage to achieve certain objectives set by their clients. 

Therefore, for a branding campaign, would you use CPC or CPT?


Online Advertising for limited budgets

One of the most cost-effective ways of doing online advertising is using Google Adwords. This is because they use the format of PPC. In other words, we only pay for the online ad to be shown when it has received a click. 

You can start up a online campaign with any budget as Google Adwords does not say you have to invest a minimum amount of money. This tool will also allow us to distribute our budget for a number of days by setting up a daily budget. For example, if we want to invest 100€ in 10 days, we can set up a daily budget of 10€. 

The rules of advertising have changed, before only the big firms could place adds and reach a large amount of customers. Now thanks to online advertising, all of us can have visible and relevant adds, that are being showed to our target audience thanks to Google

Whatever your budget is, start using Google Adwords now and boost up your traffic. 


google adwords


Location Extensions

Google Adwords offers a wide range of extra options for our adds. These are called the ad extensions. One of the extensions that work very well for attracting local traffic is the location extension. This extension will show below our ad, our address, telephone number or a map with our location. This facilitates users to find us and come to our local shops or businesses. 

Let's see a very simple example. Today we have a great Champions League game and we want to go to a pub to watch it, although we do not know the city we are in very well. The most common thing we would do is use our smartphone to search in Google for pubs in London or the city in which we are. Google will show the adds which are most relevant to our search, having in mind that the user is using a smartphone and his intention is well different than when he or she is finding the exact same thing from a laptop or desktop computer at home. Therefore, Google will show the adds that have location extensions and which are closest to the user. This way the user will know which pubs are near by and the pub that is using Google Adwords with the option of location extension, will probably gain a new customer. 

You can also use Google Places so that your business comes up in Google Maps. Many users while planning their trips, use Google Maps and see what is near the location they will be staying. The best thing is that this service is totaly free. Therefore if you have a local business and you are still not registered in Google Places, don't waste more time and get the first move of being online done right now. 

In conclusion, I am looking for pubs to see the Champions League match tonight and I have just made this search in Google and I have found an advertiser using location extensions and I know where his pub is exactly. Therefore I am heading towards it now. Let the game start and may the best win. 


Content Marketing

Each day we see there are more and more blogs created by businesses. This is because everyone is starting to apply a content marketing strategy. This is a strategy inside the digital marketing. Many marketers consider it the king of strategies for online marketing. For some people it might be difficult to understand why we need this strategy. 

Content marketing, has become even more important after Google changed their algorithm to the new hummingbird. As always, the main objective of Google is to satisfy their users. They do not want their users to find firms or information thanks to web administrators that have obtained great positions thanks to SEO techniques. What they are really looking for is to offer their users information, which is really relevant for them. Therefore the best way to be well positioned is by starting a blog. In other words, a content marketing strategy. 

Blogs are friendly tools for Google, as they love content. We can have content in video, writing, images.... With this I do not want to say that SEO techniques are not important, although each time Google is awarding better positions to relevant, original and quality content. 

Now we will see a simple example so that you can realize and understand the potential of content marketing. Let's suppose we have a digital camera firm. We have just received the last model in the market and therefore we will make a small video showing all the features of this new model. Then, we can put it online in YouTube or in our blog and in the description field we will put the name of the new camera and some information about it. Consequently, when someone on Google or Youtube, wants to know something about this new camera, your blog or YouTube video will appear on their search. Therefore, the user already knows we exist and our chances of doing business will go up.

When you are deciding to implement a content marketing  strategy you must plan it well and be sure you distribute it and execute it in the correct way and in the appropriate media. As we will need to create new, original and relevant content we will need time and imagination. Finally, we can't forget about measuring the results of our content marketing strategy. 

I hope that with this small introduction about content marketing and this small example, you can understand better the potential of this strategy and you also have a better comprehension on why creating blogs and adding content into them has become so popular lately. 


What is ROI?

ROI is a financial ratio that measures the return over an investment. In other words, it shows the profitability of an investment and if it is positive or not. It is calculated, using the following formula:

(Benefits - Investment) / Investment

ROI, is a term that is used a lot in PPC as every PPC campaign has an investment in the different PPC platforms. Every business should measure the return of their investment in advertising. All of us want to know how much we have obtained thanks to our investment. Normaly, this would be very difficult to calculate in the traditional advertising media, but in the online advertising media it is much more easy as everything is measurable. 

The better our ROI is, the better our PPC campaign will be working and therefore we will continue investing on it. On the other hand, if our ROI is negative, we should think of changing our PPC strategy. 

Following is a simple example:

We invest 1000€ in PPC. Thanks to it we have obtained a total sale of 2000€. Therefore, our ROI is positive in our online advertising investment. Although we should go a step further as sales do not mean benefits. Furthermore, we should have in mind other costs in order to deduct them from the sales. Let's suppose the 2000€ sale has 1000€ of cost and another 1000€ of cost in PPC. Our investment will be same as our sales, therefore our ROI wont be positive and we should start thinking of modifying our PPC strategy. 

Furthermore, we can not just measure the return on investment in advertising by comparing it with sales. We also have to consider the rest of the costs too. This is the only way to value if our PPC campaign is being effective or not. As you can see, ROI, is a ratio, which is very important in PPC and that is why we have decided to add this term to our PPC dictionary. 



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